Little Steps, Big Dreams - 5k Walk/Run



Fundraising Tips & Tricks to Help Lead Your Team to Success!


Step 1: Make Sure You and Your Team Members are Registered On-Line

Have your team members register on-line to join your team. Fundraising on-line is fun, easy, and it lets your team see how you are doing and track your goals! You can also send e-mails, share information directly to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, track your donations, and lots more! 

Step 2: Recruit Team Members to Help You Raise Money for Your Team!

Think big when you set you and your team's fundraising goal. You'd be surprised at what you are capable of raising.

With you and just 4 other team members on your team, if each individual raises $400, or gets 10 $40 sponsors, or about 15 $25 sponsors - that's a total of $2,000 in support! If you had 10 team members, that would only be 10 $20 sponsors each. 

Whatever goal you set for you and your team, and whatever amount you raise - remember to have fun!


Tips and Tricks to Recruit Team Members:

1.     Recruit walkers/team members in person. Asking in person vs through an e-mail or phone/text is more personal, and your friends, family, and co-workers are more likely to say yes!

2.     Recruit a co-leader to help you build and lead your team.

3.     Give potential team members a flyer and encourage them to register as early as possible.

4.     Have an answer for these common responses:

  • Response: I’m not good at asking for money.  Reply: That’s okay! Friends and family members are an easy way to get started. And, if you don’t feel comfortable face to face, you can always start by sending a letter or an e-mail

  • Response: I’m busy that day.  Reply: That’s okay! If you’d like, you can still help me fundraise for the event! You can participate by walking on a different day or just fundraise with me. You might even win a prize!

  • Response: I won’t have anyone to watch the kids. Reply: Bring them! This is a family event and they can register to participate in the walk and get a t-shirt, or just come and join you as YOU participate!
  • Response: No, I’m not interested.  Reply: “That’s okay! Would you consider being a sponsor for me?”

5.     Keep in touch with and encourage your team members. We recommend connecting with your team once a week.

6.     Remind your team members to bring any cash donations/sponsor money they have collected off-line with them on the day of the event. You can also drop off donations at the Step By Step office Monday - Thursday from 9 am until 4 pm. Step By Step is located at the Van Lierop Bulb Farm site: 13407 80th Ave Puyallup, WA 98371


Where to Find Sponsors

1.     Write a letter to friends and family

2.     Send an e-mail

3.     Message your friends on Facebook

4.     Post a message and link on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites

5.      Ask your friends to share your post on their own pages/walls

6.     Take a sponsor sign-up sheet to work

7.     Ask church members, committee members, sports team members, or club members to sponsor you

8.     Go door to door and ask your neighbors

9.     Ask businesses or corporations to sponsor you

10.   Hold a bake sale or car wash to raise money to sponsor your team.


Tips for Successful Fundraising & Letter Writing:

1. Make it personal. When writing a letter or e-mail, the more personal you can make each request, the more likely you are to get support. Tell your friends and family why you are supporting the cause, and encourage them to join you. 

2. If you choose to send a letter through the mail, send it as early as possible! Try to send requests 3 weeks or earlier before the event. Consider contacting: family members, friends, co-workers business associates, church members, your neighbors, the people on your Christmas card list, etc!

3. Let people know if you are sponsoring yourself. Sponsoring yourself is a great way to encourage your friends and family to sponsor you as well!

4. State your personal fundraising goal in your letter. The higher the better.

5. Include some information about Step By Step and the Puyallup Food Bank and the important work they do.

6. Remind sponsors that donations are tax deductible and that checks should be made payable to Step By Step. 

7. Be sure to send thank you notes to your sponsors. 

8. Remember, the more contacts you make, the more money you will raise!



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