Little Steps, Big Dreams - 5k Walk/Run
First Last Sbup Organization Team Name
Alex Alfano    
Colton Alfano    
Cody Alfano    
Christy Amadio   Roadrunners
Katrina Asay   League Of Heroes
Jo Baca   Stepping Stars
Josiah Barrett   Long Strides
Peter Beckwith   League Of Heroes
Nina Beckwith   League Of Heroes
Natalie Beckwith   League Of Heroes
Titus Beckwith   League Of Heroes
Wendy Beckwith   League Of Heroes
Tammy Birklid   Whitewater Walkers
Jason Birklid   Whitewater Walkers
Deja Brimhall   Vie Babes
Sharon Brimhall    
Sarah Brockes   Stepping Sisters
Chris Brockes   Stepping Sisters
Belicia Buena-Terrones   We Are 12
Heidi Burke   Roadrunners
Jenny Canter    
Vicki Carlson Step by Step Northenders
Joshua Carruthers   Happy Feet
Janice Carruthers   Happy Feet
Alexis Carruthers   Happy Feet
Debbie Cederwall    
Child 1 Child   Bearded Dragons
Child 2 Child   Bearded Dragons
Chrystal Clemens-Busick   Act 2
Kari Coe lululemon Fast and Frees
Cami Culp   Roadrunners
Gail Danforth   Northenders
Gail Danforth   Northenders
Whitney Deehr   Whitewater Walkers
Eric-Allen Deehr   Whitewater Walkers
Carrie Doherty   Roadrunners
Tabitha Doherty   Roadrunners
Matthew Donahue    
Jacob Donahue    
General Donation    
Julie Door Puyallup City Council The Policymakers
Katie Douglas    
Cole Douglas    
Sarah Erb   Act 2
Courtney Eylander   Vie Babes
Kelsey Fanshier    
Robin Farris City of Puyallup The Policymakers
Gary Fenton    
Isaac Filinov   Northenders
Gabe Filinov   Northenders
Bella Filinov   Northenders
Kara Filonov   Northenders
Lisa Finley   Vie Babes
Alexa Foster Lululemon Fast and Frees
Paul Funk    
Jessica Gantt Self Dream Builders
Kris Garling   Roadrunners
Natalie Geiss   Vie Babes
Naomi Gera   Long Strides
Brenna Gera   Long Strides
Libby Gera   Long Strides
John Gera   Long Strides
Denise Gerken Step By Step Dream Builders
Lindsay Gerken Self  
Doug Gerken Self Dream Builders
Erin Grosso   Vie Babes
Katie Gruener   Vie Babes
Arica Hawley   Hawley bunch
Brad Hawley   Hawley bunch
Aurora Hawley   Hawley bunch
Denise Henke   Roadrunners
Becky Hoffman Step by Step League Of Heroes
Chuck Hoffman Step by Step League Of Heroes
John Hopkins Council Act 2
Penny Howard Step By Step Family Support Center League Of Heroes
Karen Hull   Roadrunners
Jim Hull   Roadrunners
Silas Hull   Roadrunners
Diane Jefferson   Rock and Roll
Kelly Jernigan   Roadrunners
MichelleRenee Karns   Vie Babes
Molly Karns   Vie Babes
Beau Karns   Vie Babes
Anna Kelderhouse   Vie Babes
Heidi Kellar   Vie Babes
Mattie Keltner   Fast and Frees
Shawn Koppenstein    
Paul Kragness   Stepping Stars
Paulette Kragness   Stepping Stars
Noah Lanctot   Bearded Dragons
Chris Larson   Roadrunners
Sue Larson   Roadrunners
Kristen Lilley   Vie Babes
Kristen Lilley   Vie Babes
David Lind    
Julian lind    
Heidi Lindahl   Whitewater Walkers
Aaron Lindahl   Whitewater Walkers
Jon Linden Crown Building  
Krista Linden   League Of Heroes
HEAD (9889-12737-201801141210) WIN-TVUELO308EK